About the PMA

The PMA are providers of training and education for non-clinical staff working in the primary care sector.

The PMA’s aim is to support individuals by developing the skills needed to meet the challenges they face in today’s NHS.

We offer a full range of workshops to cater for all development needs. These are organised at regional level and delivered locally, guaranteeing consistency across all practices. Delivering this way ensures networking opportunities, sharing of best practice, convenience and cost-efficiency.

If you’re looking for more individual development, we offer PMA apprenticeship standards and certificates – the ideal way to enhance skills to further your career. All PMA trainers are experts in their fields, extremely capable and very approachable.

The PMA have an e-learning programme – a great option for self-development from home. The ILM approved, Excellence in Healthcare, certificate has now launched and is fully endorsed by HEE. 

If you’re looking for expert advice and support, the PMA Consultancy may be exactly what you are looking for. Whatever your needs, we will do all we can to ensure your success.

The PMA seeks to encourage the sharing of knowledge and to offer the opportunity for its members to attain the highest standards possible within their role and job function.

As a PMA member, you will benefit from regular news and updates in key issues and regulatory changes that effect GP practices.

We welcome ongoing input and suggestions from our members to help shape and form the ongoing agenda of training and educational content.

The benefits of joining PMA

  • Discounted rates for PMA workshops

  • Monthly PMA Newsletters and Bulletins

  • Twitter and LinkedIn for daily news updates

  • Meet the PMA at events across the UK

  • Share your views on the PMA Forum

Membership is open to all those involved or associated with the management of GP’s medical practices. There is no cost to join the PMA and you can complete the application form for membership online.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

“Each session was well presented and full of useful information. Most notably Practice Managers who had been in the industry a long time felt these sessions highlighted a number of issues and gave lots of ideas and information to help with the day to day running of the practice. Also appreciated was the opportunity to network and gain insight and learning throughout this.”

“Just wanted to say what a truly fantastic job the PMA are doing. It’s so brilliant to be finally recognised for the professionals we are and to find such genuine interest in our role and future. Every session has been valuable – both in providing new information and ideas, but also helping me realise how much we are actually doing right already.”

“Those leading the courses had a high level of expertise in their subject matter which meant that they were able to deal with queries as well as deliver the core agenda, and the courses were very well tailored to the audience, so they were extremely relevant.”

“PMA’s model of recruiting experts in different fields to deliver focused training within the PMA framework is one that has been met with much approval amongst practice managers in the London Borough of Lewisham. Lewisham CEPN will be escalating the evaluation summary to HEE, with our recommendation that they consider commissioning at scale.”

Our latest Workshops


Resilience and Staff Wellbeing Masterclass

This programme focuses on issues that regularly arise in medical practice, they are often difficult to deal with. We will cover how to build resilience into your practice, in an interactive way with practical guidance to enable participants to manage more effectively their human resource and deal with any staffing challenges.


Leadership Development Masterclass

The Leadership and Development Masterclass module will be delivered as an interactive session at pace with practical guidance to enable participants to explore practical leadership theories and techniques that can be mapped onto their own practice.


CQC Masterclass

This masterclass session looks at the new CQC Inspection process and how prepare in readiness and to deal with them. We explore how to create a culture of buy-in within the GP Practice through a better understanding of the CQC assessment framework.

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As a PMA member, you will benefit from regular news and updates in key issues and regulatory changes that effect GP practices. You will gain access to exclusive training and events that ensure you maintain currency of knowledge and skills. You will have the opportunity to meet and network with your peers from around the UK.

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