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Black Country & West Birmingham Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) Practice Managers Conference 2020

Transforming General Practice

The future of General Practice might look and feel a little uncertain – growing skills gaps, GP and partner shortages, increasing financial burdens, an ever-expanding governance landscape, coupled with an aging population with increased patient and policy expectations; factors making for a sector under strain. These collective pressures are beginning to drive a fundamental transformation in what constitutes general practice and the delivery of a more sustainable service.

The agreed consensus is that General Practice in 2020 will not look the same as it does today – and nor should it. The new look general practice will be able to work at scale making best use of new technologies. There will be development and expansion of the healthcare workforce and improved practice environments. There will be improved signposting of patients to the most appropriate service or where more appropriate supporting them to self-care. This will require GPs working as part of a more joined up primary care workforce will be able devote the greatest amount of time to quality and health improvement for patients and local communities. What matters now is getting on and delivering it so that practices can start to make a difference and patients can start to feel the difference.

The Black Country and West Birmingham Practice Managers Conference 2020 will help to answer some of your most pressing issues and concerns, as well as providing practical tips for improving your practice. The programme will concentrate on delivering real guidance on how to deliver the complex transformation needed in General Practice service provision, with examples from areas demonstrating the most rapid progress in implementing sustainable transformation plans.

The conference offers multiple opportunities to learn, knowledge share with peers, engage with the strategic thinking from the CCGs and to generate real momentum for change in your practice, partnership or Federation. The programme has been developed through research across the region and discussion with members and healthcare leaders, strategy leads and other change agents in The Black Country and West Birmingham to identify the key areas of interest and evidence of best practice and innovation.

Change is never easy, and while some organisations are leading the way, others are finding it more difficult to engage with the change agenda. The aim is to provide delegates with a future view of GP service provision – with help at hand to provide the inspiration and application to improve patient care, support self-care, promote interoperability and to drive greater efficiencies. Innovation and change are often overused phrases but such are the challenges; standing still is not an option.

The Black Country and West Birmingham Practice Managers Conference 2020 has been created to provide General Practice health professionals with access to new ideas, new ways of doing things, to build new relationships and create new partnerships. You will hear from thought leaders and those responsible for driving change and will take home inspiration and ideas, together with real, actionable solutions for improving healthcare services in the local community.

Our goal is to create a programme that is relevant and timely, offering practical insights that will enable you to overcome the real-life challenges to improving healthcare delivered through your practice. There will also be workstreams for practice managers and their primary care colleagues involved in transforming the out-of-hospital landscape.

Delegates will:

  • Hear the latest thinking in General Practice service transformation
  • Learn and discuss with senior healthcare practitioners – the key challenges and priorities
  • Learn about the new regimes and how these will play out into General Practice
  • Knowledge share with peers and leading healthcare professionals from across the UK
  • Have access to a selection of leading suppliers, including: healthcare technology companies, associated suppliers, consultants and other suppliers to the sector
  • Take away real advice and guidance – practical solutions and new initiatives that can be applied within your Practice or Federation
  • Discuss ways to collaborate in integrating the quality initiatives across the healthcare sector
  • Attend specialist workshops

If you would like to attend the conference, please contact the team at

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