Customer & Conflict Management

This web workshop session been developed to support front line staff and other health care professionals in General Practice to develop their skills and confidence to provide excellence in customer service and to better manage disputes and to help manage challenging conflict situations experienced in practice.


Peer to Peer Appraisals and Personal Development Planning (PDP) – Two Day Programme

The peer to peer appraisals workshop will enable delegates to understand – for themselves and their staff – where they are starting from on their personal leadership journeys. They will process and deliver the feedback sessions to people, helping them create personal action plans that they can take into their further development and learning. Continual development, setting goals and gathering peer support are essential to a successful Personal Development Plan (PDP). The workshop will also explore the role of the PDP and how this will guide all staff in their career, whatever grade they are at.


Customer Service & Managing Conflict

This half day workshop been developed to support receptionists and other health care professionals in General Practice to develop their skills and confidence to provide excellence in customer service and to help manage challenging conflict situations. The workshop will help you create a vision of exceptional customer service and will also help you to manage conflicts that arise in General Practice. We will consider how and why conflict may arise between staff members and the patients or their carers around access to services, treatments and other aspects of practices life and will consider and reflect on ways to manage this.


GP Development – Time Management

This half day course will help GPs and Clinicians to analyse and prioritise their own workload, as well as recognise and manage the causes of 'bad' time management. The workshop will explore assertiveness is the capacity to control your working environment to manage time and work performance under pressure. This workshop will enable you to understand your own behavioural styles and those of others and develop achievable techniques for communicating and behaving more assertively.


Coaching & Mentoring – Two Day Programme

This module focuses on ‘coaching for performance’ – and will develop the skills needed to understand and develop the capability and capacity in the practice. Through the introduction of a variety of coaching tools and techniques, this module will develop the core skills of questioning and listening and using powerful questions to support people in achieving their best outcomes. Delegates will gain an understanding of the skills, principles and practice of effective management coaching and mentoring.


Stress Management

According to the UK's Health and Safety Executive (HSE, 2017), work related stress, anxiety and depression continue to represent a significant ill health condition in the workforce of Great Britain. Work related stress accounts for 37% of work related ill health and 45% of days lost, in 2015/16. The occupations and industries reporting the highest rates of work related stress remain consistently in the health and public sectors (HSE 2017).


Resilience for GPs and Clinicians

This programme focuses on issues that regularly arise in medical practice and are often difficult to deal with. We will cover how to build resilience into your practice in an interactive way with practical guidance to enable participants to manage more effectively their human resource and deal with any staffing challenges. The workshop will focus on developing personal and professional behaviours, to ensure employee engagement and wellbeing. The workshop will give participants new techniques for greater efficiency, effectiveness and emotional balance during periods of stress and accelerated change.


Leadership Development & Leading Through Change

Initially, this programme looks at how leaders can create a high performing ‘loving boot’ culture and fundamentally get the best from their teams. It focuses on building highly effective teams using theory from Lencioni (The Five Dysfunctions of a Team) and helps delegates to dissect what needs to be in place and to gain common agreement as to what needs to happen for a team to be high performing. Challenging conversations and feedback form a key part here in setting expectations and fully maximising performance within the team.


Dispute Resolution

This module focuses on the Dispute Resolution, Internal & External Disputes and Partnership Mediation issues that may arise in medical practice that are often difficult to deal with. We will focus on the techniques to enable you to find it easier to collaborate with you partners. You learn how to make your teams more effective. You will develop the skills and the mindset to better manage the potential for both internal and external disputes and you will understand how to create a happier and more productive working environment.


Change Management

This module looks at the fundamental aspects of change management and how to deal with them. We will focus on what change is and how to develop a change management approach to ensure buy-in across the GP Practice. The module will be delivered as an interactive session with practical guidance to enable participants to map the techniques onto their own practice. Case studies will be used to provide tips and insights on good practice, how to track and control the change plan; managing the people and organisational aspects of change; communicating and selling the change to others; recognising why people fear change and react the way they do through change models.

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