Learner Engagement and Involvement policy (2017-2018)

//Learner Engagement and Involvement policy (2017-2018)
Learner Engagement and Involvement policy (2017-2018)2018-07-24T16:36:45+00:00

The PMA is a UK provider of leadership, management and practice management training all recognised by ILM and other ILM qualifications. PMA offers an education and workshop training programme focussed on Excellence in Practice Management.

“The Government’s reform plan for Further Education, “New Challenges, New Chances”, said that students should be at the heart of the FE and skills system. From basic skills through to higher education, they should be given power to shape the system in their own best interests as its main customers.

Learner engagement is central to PMA providing an outstanding learning experience and continuous improvements. The aim of this strategy is to ensure that learner voice mechanisms are leaner led and fully integrated.

For PMA Learners benefits include:

  • A more responsive, more engaging, higher quality offer that empowers learners in shaping their own experience.
  • Improved outcomes for more learners, especially those who might otherwise not succeed
  • Learners who are more expert and independent, and who can help to shape learning experiences tailored to meet their needs and objectives in a way that achieves success for them and others
  • Learners who feel more involved and are motivated to put something back into the organisation, for instance by contributing to the development of programme or by coming back to share their experience of industry with future generations of learners.

For the PMA benefits include:

  • increased participation, retention, progression and achievement
  • better quality of information about the learners’ perspective, which can be used to triangulate other sources of data and drive professional and organisational
    development and quality improvement
  • better decisions about resource allocation and investment.

Improved Learner Involvement is also:

The PMA is a UK provider of leadership, management and practice management training all recognised by ILM and other ILM qualifications. PMA offers an education and workshop training programme focussed on Excellence in Practice Management.

  • A key characteristic of first class educational service delivery
  • Creates a sector community where delegates’ opinions are listened to, responded to.

The PMA is an organisation in which learner involvement is embedded throughout the organisational culture.
We aim to develop a culture where:

  • learners are motivated and supported to give constructive feedback
  • they see their feedback is taken seriously and results in change
  • tutors have the skills to encourage and respond positively to feedback supported by appropriate resources

This learner involvement strategy covers four main areas:

  • Involvement of learners individually in order to strengthen teaching and learning and responsiveness to individual needs
  • Involvement of learners collectively in order to strengthen learner participation and representation
  • Development of the organisation in order to create a culture of learner led involvement
  • Ensuring the Learner Voice is integral to the PMAs decision making

The PMA strongly believes Learner involvement is key to Good Educational Practice, and use this to reflect on all engagement with delegates, learners, facilitators and employers.

Delegate Feedback Surveys are used as a standard mechanism to evaluate feedback post events with learners and employer’s information gathered and evaluated then used to inform continual improvement for future courses. This focusses on:

  • Evaluation of objectives met
  • Quality of the facilitation
  • Value of content
  • Knowledge & skills of the facilitators
  • The knowledge transfer process
  • Educational environment & location

This ensures that we are able to provide a positive experience for all our stakeholders. Critically, this process also feeds into our continual improvement of the PMA offerings and also provides us with a mechanism to develop new programmes and learning products for our sector, based on real time feedback.

For Apprenticeship delivery, PMA use CIF-mapped questionnaires and feedback from both our Learner satisfaction surveys and from our customers (the Employers). This is fed back to our Operations Team and used to inform our Improvement plan.

The next formal review of this process will be June 2018.

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