The PMA is a UK provider of leadership, management and practice management training all recognised by ILM and other ILM qualifications. PMA offers an education and workshop training programme focussed on Excellence in Practice Management.


This policy is to ensure that any training and/or assessment provided by the Practice Managers Association (PMA) aligns with current legislation, all regulatory and awarding body requirements and educational best practice.

The PMA is totally committed to always providing the highest standards in all its education, assessment and training.
Strategies are in place to ensure effective delivery for each qualification and accredited course within the PMAs scope of registered programmes.


PMA trainer assessors are fully qualified to deliver the registered programmes. That all facilities, equipment and training & assessment materials are regularly monitored to ensure the accommodation of learner numbers, customer needs and delivery methods are within the scope of the awarding body delivery and assessment requirements.

In developing training and assessment products, the PMA will ensure that the individual learner needs are catered for by:

  • Providing an initial assessment to identify any specific learner support needs, and documenting the results
  • Providing learners with an initial skill scan to assess prior learning and eligibility for the programme level
  • Individual learning plans will be developed, documented and implemented for each learner to encompass on or off the job training and progression
  • Resources will be developed to address all learning styles and the diverse needs of the learners and reasonable adjustments made as laid out in the ILM guidance – this will be continually monitored
  • Learners literacy, grammar and numeracy skills will be assessed
  • Assessment and training on or off the job, will be coordinated and negotiated with both the employer and the learners including reviews and monitoring to ensure learner progress
  • Following completion of any cohort of learners (and or quarterly) a course evaluation will be carried out to ensure continuous improvement and advances are made

The PMA will ensure that all training and assessment is delivered by a member of staff or freelancer who is fully competent in the level and subject area of the training and education, or is under the direct supervision of a member of staff with these competencies.

Delivery staff will have relevant industry experience in the vocational area and at the level being delivered.

When new staff – or freelancers – are appointed their CVs and CPD records will be added to the PMA resource and an appropriate CUF will be completed and sent to ILM quality team.

The PMA will design programmes that will meet the requirements of the Awarding body and our stakeholders. The PMA under the direction of the Head of Education will ensure implementation and monitoring of the policy is regularly undertaken.

The IQA policy will be communicated to all staff – and freelancers – involved in the assessment of Learners and the PMA will ensure fair practice is adhered throughout the learner journey with the PMA.
The learner will have access to all relevant policies and to their progress in learning against the standards.

The learner will be allocated a tutor assessor who will support their learning progress and ensure that they are given all the relevant skills and knowledge to meet the required learning outcomes and criteria.

The Assessor will ensure they offer guidance, support and feedback so that they can meet the meet the learning requirements and they have the sufficient information to inform them of the grading criteria so they can achieve and understand what constitutes:

  • Fail
  • Pass
  • Merit
  • Distinction

The tutor/assessors and IQA will ensure CAMERA is in place to include minimum sampling standards whilst the learners are on programme.

The PMA will ensure that documented IQA plans and reports and records of activity are held centrally and communicated to the team regularly.

The tutor/assessors and IQA will also ensure that the process for identifying RPL/and or exemption is put in place at the start point or as soon as possible and appropriate


External assessments will be planned so leaners have appropriate access to the relevant technology with minimal impact on their learning and workplace.
The PMA will follow the required procedures as set out by ILM to request examination access at level 3.

The tutor/assessors will ensure that the Apprentice is fully informed of the schedule timings and arrangements for their End Point Assessment


The PMA intend to use ILM for the Apprenticeship End Point Assessment and will access and register through the Walled Garden and share all necessary evidence with ILM as the Apprentice Assessment Organisation. This allows the independent assessor to review and prepare questions for the Learner.

This policy will be formally reviewed annually – next formal review scheduled June 2018. Additionally, upon completion of any cohort of learners (and or quarterly) a course evaluation will be carried out to ensure continuous improvement.

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