The PMA is a UK provider of leadership, management and practice management training all recognised by ILM and other ILM qualifications. PMA offers an education and workshop training programme focussed on Excellence in Practice Management.

The PMA are committed to excellence in customer service and security of certificated claims for its training qualifications, this document details the requirements to ensure thorough security and quality assurance of training qualifications, while at the same time being as fair to our learners.

This policy covers ILM qualifications requiring multiple choice unit questions which test the learning outcomes of a unit/qualification ensuring they have been met using either electronic or written delivery methods. The qualification types are detailed below:

Mandatory elements for Trailblazer qualifications

  • Awards
  • Certificates
  • Diplomas

The policy covers all staff involved in the management, administration and invigilation process including managers, administrators, trainers, invigilators and quality assurance staff. The person signing up to this agreement will be held responsible for the center’s compliance with the PMA Invigilation Policy.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Establish a clear set of rules that addresses security and control risks regarding the setting, delivery, printing, handling, transportation and storage of unit multiple choice question papers.
  • Provide direction regarding the alteration of unit testing results.
  • Provide direction concerning telephonic or radio contact at unit testing venues.
  • Establish resources and space requirements regarding the delivery and invigilation for testing.
  • Provide rules that govern the non-compliance and/or malpractice by learners or invigilators during the testing.
  • Detail intellectual property rights.

Security measures for multiple choice unit tests and electronic papers

  • Multiple choice unit question tests are set by ILM and must not be amended in any way.
  • Results will be kept for a minimum 3-year period and subject to sample by the external quality advisor.
  • Where the test has been delivered as a hard copy, the completed paperwork must be kept securely at the centre for a period of three years.
  • The access to the Test Platform must be controlled by the quality assurance responsible person at the centre.
  • Unauthorised copying of the tests is not permitted and will be considered as malpractice if identified.

Printing of multiple choice unit question papers

  • No employees other than those detailed in the centre strategy may be involved in the invigilation process or involved in printing test papers.
  • The printing area must be supervised when printing hard copies of the test papers.
  • The staff printing are instructed not to accept or hand over test papers to learners or persons not identified as authorised employees.
  • Checks are carried out after each printing session to ensure that:
    • No master copies are left on the machine and that all test question papers (the whole consignment) including spoilt copies are removed from the printing room by the employee designated by the person responsible for quality and confidentially destroyed.
    • No electronic images or memory are remaining on the printing machine after test papers have been printed in cases where final test papers are electronically downloaded to a printing machine.

Transportation of test papers
The transportation of the multiple-choice question papers is permitted and may be required to be completed in the GP practice or for EPA at the ILM approved centre. However, the security of the papers must be maintained. The papers must be transported in a plain envelope and not left unattended at any time during the transportation. The papers must be kept securely at all other times.

Return of test papers
The test papers must be returned to the secure area immediately following completion and as required by ILM.

Administering tests

  • The invigilator will explain the procedure for exams or tests to all learners.
  • Once the learner(s) have commenced the test there will be no further communication with the invigilator, except in an emergency, for example learner illness, fire alarm, unauthorised key stroke. 
  • The learner(s) will be allowed sight of a clock to monitor the test time.
  • The invigilator will be present throughout the test.
  • For paper based tests the invigilator will warn the learner(s) five minutes, and then one minute, before the completion of the test time.
  • For paper based tests the learner(s) will be asked to stop writing at the exact time the invigilator indicates the test period has been completed.
  • Learners with identified special needs will be allowed additional time as per the ILM recommendations and requirements.
  • Readers are acceptable. However, the test must be conducted on a one to one basis.
  • The test will be conducted for a continuous period as detailed in the qualification specification.
  • The learner(s) will not be allowed to stop or halt the test to deal with any other matter.
  • Each learner will be asked to ensure their details are correct prior to starting the test.
  • Marking of tests will meet the ILM standards.

Test room requirements

  • The testing must take place in a quiet, undisturbed room solely for the use of the learner(s) and the invigilator.
  • Any posters or notices that compromise the security of the test will be removed prior to testing.
  • Desks or tables must be at least 1.25 metres apart.
  • The test room will have adequate space, light, heating and ventilation.
  • The learner will not be allowed to take any written material (for example revision books or notes) into the test room.
  • A PC or laptop will be available for each learner undertaking the test for each sitting.

Telephones, cameras & radio equipment
Telephones, cameras and radio equipment are not permitted in the testing room. The invigilator must hold any equipment during the test to ensure the security of the test papers.

This policy will be formally reviewed annually – next formal review scheduled September 2018. Additionally, upon completion of any cohort of learners (and or quarterly) a course evaluation will be carried out to ensure continuous improvement.

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