The Trainers

Our Trainers

The Practice Managers Association are delighted that all workshops are facilitated by an exceptional group of trainers. They include some of the UK’s leading experts and specialists. Please read all about them here.

The workshops will be facilitated by a collection of the UKs leading experts and specialists, these include:

Jane Gunn

Dispute Resolution & Partnership Mediation

Jane Gunn FCIArb, FRSA, FPSA, CEDR accredited and IMI Certified, Inter Cultural Mediator. Jane  is a highly sought after mediator, facilitator and speaker.

Will Roebuck

Risk & Governance - Business Continuity, Liabilities & Data Management

Will Roebuck is Founder and CEO of E RADAR, the Chamber for Electronic Business and is Guest Lecturer at Manchester University's School of Computer Science on IT governance, legal compliance and risk.

Dr Joe Delaney

Stress Management - Deliberately Developmental, Mindfullness-based Stress

As a Consultant in Integrative Health and Medical Practice, Joe has provided stress management coaching in Health, Medicine and Education for over 40 years

About the Facilitators

Will Roebuck, CEO & Founder, E RADAR

Jane Gunn, FCIArb, FRSA, FPSA, CEDR accredited and IMI Certified, Inter Cultural Mediator

Will Roebuck is founder and CEO of E RADAR - a business consultancy which helps entrepreneurs and top managers get competitive, collaborative and commercial advantage online.
Will has worked in ICT for over 15 years and advised on many of the original e-commerce laws whilst managing the Alliance for Electronic Business Legal Group. He wrote the international standards for meat traceability in the open global supply chain and set up CD-ID - the Home Office funded project showcasing RFID technology to help prevent supply chain theft.
In 2005 he joined leading international corporate law firm Bird & Bird as a consultant and went on to set up E RADAR in 2010. Will is passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses get competitive and collaborative advantage online through best practice.

Tech innovator, market maker and e-business strategist, Will works across multi-sectors advising on governance and risk, as well as other digital media opportunities. He was a consultant to top global commercial law firm Bird & Bird, developed open global supply chain and e-business standards for GS1, and has worked with BCS - the Chartered Institute for IT. Will has also undertaken prosecution work for the Probation Service, specialising in online paedophile cases. He is currently working with the UK's leading e-auction platform provider and auction companies to deliver the latest e-bidding technologies in real time.

Will is a guest lecturer on information governance at Manchester University. He is also chair of trustees of a community interest company looking to prevent closure of a local village library.

Will is a published authority on digital matters, including Online Privacy (British standards Institute, 2004).

Jane Gunn, is a highly sought after mediator, facilitator and speaker. She specializes in collaboration, cross cultural communication and transforming business relationships and has helped open the eyes, hearts and minds of numerous companies to transform and secure the future of their organisation and the commitment and collaboration of their people.

As a trained mediator and facilitator she brings a diverse mix of skills, experience and insight that enable her to get people and groups with different priorities, incentives and ways of doing things, to work together successfully.

She has a powerful message supported by practical tools and techniques that applies to organizations of all sizes across all sectors. Jane is a member of the Board of Management of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and is a director and board member of the Civil Mediation Council of England and Wales (CMC). She is a director and a past president of the Professional Speaking Association of the UK and Ireland (PSA UKI). She is also a member of the Advisory Committee to QUADRA in Italy. She has been invited to speak at the United Nations, the White House, the European Commission and the International Energy Agency and has fulfilled a number of other international speaking engagements.

She has worked with organisations large and small including Cable & Wireless, The NHS, BAA, The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, ACCA and many more.

Jane’s skill is in getting people

  • Talking about what matters most – both to them and to their organisation
  • Motivated, energized and committed to what needs to happen next

She is also the author of a popular book on conflict management “How to Beat Bedlam in the Boardroom and Boredom in the Bedroom”.

Dr Joe Delaney, PhD CSci FIBMS PhySoc

As a Consultant in Integrative Health and Medical Practice, Joe has provided stress management coaching in Health, Medicine and Education for over 40 years. In 2003, he was appointed the NHS's first Specialist in Integrative Health Practice and saw patients and staff from many different backgrounds. His passion and enthusiasm remains the same - to help individuals to find balance in their work and home life by tapping into their inner resourcefulness to discover the authenticity that lies within themselves. This is called the IAM approach. It is a deliberately developmental, mindfulness-based stress reduction programme (DD-MBSR) that uses a combination of individual asset-mapping (IAM) and Appreciative Enquiry, to allow individuals to work with what works for them and to focus on what's strong in them and not what’s wrong with them.

Currently, Joe is a Consultant Principal Lecturer in Integrative Medicine with Wirral Metropolitan College and an Associate Lecturer in Evolutionary Psychology, Addictive Behaviour and Integrative Health Practice with Liverpool and Edge Hill Universities.

Previously, he worked as a Senior Research Fellow in Medicine at Wirral University Teaching Hospital, exploring the use of non-medical Interventions alongside pharmacological methods for treating hypertension in patients suffering with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease.

Additionally, for many years, Joe has been involved in helping individuals to rediscover themselves and to help them back from the debilitating effects of stress and addiction in its various forms.

He currently holds a clinic session every week in the local community, where he sees patients with a variety of physical and psychological conditions and complex needs.

He is an experienced community builder who works at grass-roots level and believes that ‘no-one has nothing to do’ and that each individual has a unique contribution to make to improving themselves, their communities and beyond.

He is currently working with several clinical commissioning groups across the UK, delivering the IAM Approach to Health and Wellbeing.

From an academic point of view, the area of research that he is involved in at the moment, is how throughout the life course, the combination of food and mood determine protein expression at the level of the epigenome which in turn determines the location of fat deposition and how any imbalance can be restored with simple lifestyle interventions to effect a positive change in energy homeostasis.

Besides all this Joe is also a very nice person.