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Working with the PMA






The PMA have been commissioned to provide workforce development in primary care for many years now. In addition to delivering public workshops, the PMA work with a growing number of organisations across the UK to deliver training mapped to specific local needs. Practices collectively select sessions to best fit their own development plans. All training is delivered by specialists in these areas and are tailored, as necessary, to accommodate regional differences. As workshops are delivered locally, they are easily accessible presenting good support and networking opportunities across the locality.

One of the noticeable features of all workshops to date has been the level of engagement during the sessions. Over and above the specialist facilitation, one of the real values has been the group interaction. There has been a visible team approach to problem-solving and clear buy-in to the experience and insight already within the groups.

The PMA is a City & Guilds and ILM Accredited Centre offering full-day workshops specifically tailored to practice managers and other practice staff on many aspects of General Practice. An ILM Excellence in Practice Management certificate is awarded to those completing any 6 workshops. This is subject to an ILM registration fee of £75+VAT.

Practice managers are a vital resource in the NHS, playing a key role in maintaining a quality service and in redesigning care for the future. Yet they are also one of the most neglected parts of the workforce, receiving relatively little formal training or ongoing development. Many practice managers report feeling overburdened and isolated in their role, and it is often noted that the most efficient ways of working are slow to spread between practices.’ NHS England

Whilst General Practice Forward View emphasises the importance of practice manager development, it isn’t always easy to implement. This is where the PMA can help.

To date we’ve had some excellent feedback about the quality of service we provide:

‘Firstly we’d like to thank everyone at the PMA for the professional service delivered from the inception of this programme to its end, with excellent communication and facilitation across the programme. The PMA were on site early for every workshop, and handled all processes from registration to certificates of attendance and feedback effortlessly. The communication was second to none throughout all points of the delivery and every query received a quick turnaround.’

‘Each session was very well presented and full of very useful information. The session overviews provided after every session contained a wealth of information and queries raised within each session were included for tailored feedback. Practice Managers received the programme very well and gave great feedback for each session. Most notably Practice Managers who had been in the industry a long time felt that these sessions highlighted a number of issues and gave lots of ideas and useful information to help with the day to day running of the practice. Practice Managers also appreciated the opportunity to network with their peers across the borough and gain insight and learning throughout this.’

‘Those leading the courses had a high level of expertise in their subject matter which meant that they were able to deal with queries as well as deliver the core agenda, and the courses were very well tailored to the audience, so they were extremely relevant. Excellent responses to specific questions raised in the sessions and this, with the extremely knowledgeable presenters ensured that the workshops were delivered to a high standard.’

‘PMA’s model of recruiting experts in different fields to deliver focused training within the PMA framework is one that has been met with much approval amongst practice managers in the London Borough of Lewisham. It is highly significant that they have signed up to three full days of training at a time of immense resource scarcity and pressures on them. Lewisham CEPN is extremely  happy with their evaluation of the first day and will be escalating the evaluation summary to Health Education England, with our recommendation that they consider commissioning it at scale. Significant in the feedback was the applicability of the learning to their daily work and their great satisfaction with the way the training was delivered. They asked for more. They are going to get it.’

‘Much Obliged to PMA for organising well informative sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed it, learnt a lot, implemented new procedures and guidelines within the surgery after every session. Most of the sessions definitely eye-opener. Ian was a good Facilitator as well.’

‘Just wanted to say what a truly fantastic job the PMA are doing and how grateful I am for the support. Its just so brilliant to be finally recognised for the professionals we are (even without a string of official qualifications!) and to find such genuine interest in our role and our future. Every single session has been so valuable – both in providing new information and ideas, but also helping me realise how much we are actually doing right already. Sometimes its a lonely job that feels like stumbling around in the dark with only the occasional short lived match for a spark of light. I wish we could do this kind of thing regularly  – I know you have conferences – but it’s hard to get out of the office for more than a day at a time. It would be great to do something like that across a few local CCGs to meet managers from the areas around us. Meeting the guys at Lewisham was a brilliant experience!’

The PMA have been providing bespoke workshop packages at CCG, HB and CEPN level for some time now. Read more about about the individual organisations here:












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If you’d like to organise local training for your practice managers, please call us on 0330 111 6459. We can make it easy for you to provide the best for your staff.


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