Project Description

This module looks at the fundamental focus of the CQC Inspection process and how to deal with them.

We will focus on how to create a culture of buy-in within the GP Practice through a better understanding of the CQC assessment framework.

The module will be delivered as an interactive session with practical guidance to enable participants to map the techniques onto their own practice and has been fully updated to incorporate the CQC Inspection changes applicable from April 2018. Case studies will be used to provide tips and insights on good practice and also inadequate General Practice. Group work will be facilitated on all aspects of the programme so that participants also develop their understanding of the assessment process by interacting with colleagues. The aim is to provide a practical usable framework for CQC compliance.

  • Duration: All day

  • Location: On-site/locally

Who should attend?

Don't miss opportunity to work with leading specialists in a series of full day workshops specifically focused on the ‘business’ aspects of General Practice.
  • General Practitioners

  • Practice Managers

  • Senior Practice Nurses

  • GP Administrator Managers


Participants will improve their understanding of the CQC Assessment process.  The module will provide a detailed insight into the key lines of enquiry and how to prepare. The workshop will provide guidance of good practices and equally important, on what inadequate services look like – enabling you to adopt practiced due diligence techniques that will help to mitigate risks and will also help with all aspects of compliance of the Quality Care Commission rules.

Workshop Agenda

Below is an outline of the proposed agenda, if you have any questions please get in touch.

09.15 Registration & Coffee
09.30 Introduction and Welcome – Overview of the Programme & Objectives
09.45 Open Forum – Identifying your challenges
10.00 CQC Inspection changes for Spring 2018

  • Data and statistics of last 2 years

  • How the CQC plan to monitor, inspect and rate new models of care.

  • GP Insight report

  • Emphasis on quality of care including population needs and conditions

  • Concentrating on leadership and greater emphasis on ‘well led’

  • Less focus on policies and risk assessments

  • Simplified registration process

  • Aligning how CQC collects information

  • Coordinating inspection activity within a defined period – short notice and unannounced

  • Changes to reports – shorter and quicker

11.00 BREAK
11.15 Techniques and Tips – Managing the CQC Assessment

  • How CQC works with others

  • Intelligent Monitoring

  • Patient feedback on CQC website

  • Concerns, Complaints, Whistleblowing

  • Inspection – Duration, Frequency

11.45 CQC Registered Manager / Responsible Person

  • Who is the most appropriate person?

  • Regulation 4

  • Regulation 5

  • Regulation 7

12.00 QUIZ
12.30 LUNCH
13.15 Understanding the fundamentals of the CQC Assessment

Building your CQC Assessment Strategy – plan it and know it intimately.

  • The responsibility of everybody

  • Understanding the fundamentals, the five questions of services provide:

  • Population Groups

  • Key lines of enquiry explained

14.15 Table Top Population Groups
 14.30 Planning the Inspection

  • What does good practice look like? Case studies

  • What does inadequate practice look like? Case studies

  • Outstanding practice – what makes an outstanding practice. Case Studies?

  • Requires ImprovementSpecial Measures

  • Understanding what to expect

  • Ensuring the right information is available

  • The inspection team

  • Briefing and planning for the inspection team

 15.30  BREAK
 15.45 Inspections of GP practice or GP out-of-hours service – Reporting Process

  • Draft reporting

  • Internal quality control

  • Factual accuracy – an opportunity for a provider and registered manager to check the accuracy of the report

  • Final reporting and rating published)

  • Provider will be offered the opportunity to request a review of their rating

  • Understand judgements and ratings – Warning Notices, Compliance with CCG/NHSE

  • Using professional judgements

  • Reporting, quality control and action planning

  • Enforcement and actions

 16.45 Useful Links, websites and documents

  • Nigel’s mythbuster’s

  • RCGP

  • LMC

  • ADJ Support Services

 17.00 Open Forum – Questions & Discussions

  • Did we achieve what we set out to achieve?

 17.15  Close
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