Project Description

This half day course will help GPs and Clinicians to analyse and prioritise their own workload, as well as recognise and manage the causes of ‘bad’ time management. The workshop will explore assertiveness is the capacity to control your working environment to manage time and work performance under pressure. This workshop will enable you to understand your own behavioural styles and those of others and develop achievable techniques for communicating and behaving more assertively.

You will learn how to say ‘no’ without having to change who you are and how to be firm but fair. It requires a degree of planning and a change in behaviour to establish new boundaries and devise a prioritisation grid that helps you define the difference between the things that are important and urgent. Assertiveness also has elements of negotiation skills that enable you to implement the new behaviours and make the desired changes to your working patterns.

  • Duration: Half day

  • Location: On-site/locally

Who should attend?

Don’t miss opportunity to work with leading specialists in a series of full day workshops specifically focused on the ‘business’ aspects of General Practice.

  • General Practitioners
  • Practice Managers
  • Senior Practice Nurses
  • GP Administrator Managers

Learning Outcomes

Course Objectives – Management of time, one of our most precious resources, is something that people throughout most organisations struggle with every day. In Primary Care scope and complexity of the clinical roles can exacerbate time pressure; effective control of time is something that is particularly important in a clinical setting, where there are always too many things to do in too little time.

By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Understand some of the core principles of effective time management
  • Define how these principles affect those working in clinical settings
  • Effectively analyse and prioritise tasks and work loads
  • Effectively manage appointment time to ensure things start on time, stay on time and stop on time
  • More accurately predict whether a task is possible within time limits
  • Utilise tools and techniques to handle disruptions and people who use up time
  • Communicate with colleagues and patients about workload and time scales
  • Be more effective at getting work and task done within agreed timescales

Workshop Agenda

Below is an outline of the proposed agenda, if you have any questions please get in touch.

09.30 Registration 
09.45 Introduction to the core principles of time management
10.00 Time Management in a Clinical Setting – Tips and Techniques
10.30 Tools to analyse and prioritise tasks and workload
10.45 Break
11.00 Communicating with stakeholders, managers and staff
11.30 Techniques to handle disruptions
12.30 Review, personal action plans
13.00 Close
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