Project Description

In order to support the development needs of the non-clinical workforce in care settings, the PMA are offering this new e-learning programme to enhance traditional learning and reinforce existing training methods. We are delighted to share details of the first of many PMA e-learning options.

NHS England and Health Education England both support significant elements of the PMA e-learning programme so you can be assured that it embodies best practice and is mapped to support the initiatives laid out in the NHS Long Term Plan.

ILM approved, the Excellence in Supporting Healthcare certificate is the first e-learning programme of its kind. The pilot in South London is now successfully complete and enrolment is open. Please email to express your interest or to find out more. If you would like to share information with your colleagues, you can print off a leaflet here.

This is an exciting collaboration between the Practice Managers Association (PMA), Our Healthier South East London Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (OHSEL STP) and itslearning UK who are providing the Learning Management System. It provides a non-clinical development opportunity equipping staff working at level 2 with the skills to support the clinical workforce and improve the patient/carer experience. In addition, it supports career pathways for individuals working in primary care, secondary care, allied professional, social and voluntary sectors. The programme is broad-based and aims to provide a generic overview of competencies required at this level and it is complimented by suggested further resources.

Level 2 Competency Framework – as developed by Our Healthier South East London, has been developed around the following eight competencies:

1. Ethical practice
2. Effective communication
3. Information governance
4. Protecting patients
5. Motivating and supporting skills
6. Organising and networking skills
7. Self-awareness
8. CQC compliance

Joining the programme

Recruitment for this e-learning programme is now live, please see the section on how to register.

Once enrolled, you will be directed through a suggested sequence of modules, however, they can be completed in any order. Each module consists of a number of units which includes various forms of information aimed to appeal to various learning styles. A range of additional resources including reports, links to websites and useful videos are also included. To help enhance your understanding about health and welfare services, you will be guided to specific advice for your local area.

The programme applies a varied range of learning devices and instructional methods to ensure it appeals to a wide range of learning styles and different levels of digital competence.

There is an itsLearning App available for phones and tablets, allowing you to work whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

You must answer the questions in the knowledge checks at the end of each unit and achieve the pass rate to complete the modules and obtain the ILM certificate. However, you can repeat quizzes and knowledge checks as often as needed. There are no trick questions.

How long will it take to complete?

The 26 units are of varying lengths and detail. The amount of time required to complete the programme in full is dependent on your experience and knowledge of the topic, typically taking 26-52 hours in total.

How much does it cost?

The cost for each course is £295 and includes the ILM certificate awarded on successful completion.

How to Register

If you would like to know more, please contact the PMA Team at or phone 0330 111 6459 and we will be happy to speak to you in more detail about how the PMA e-learning Programme can benefit you.

Individual Applications

To register as an individual for this course, please fill in your details here  and go to ‘Select Course’ and choose ‘Excellence in Supporting Healthcare’. Once completed, a member of our team will contact you.

Group Applications

If you are registering as a group, please download a copy of the registration form below and complete it with the details of all applicants.  Once completed, this should be emailed to

Download group e-learning enrolment form

Registration for SAMPLE COURSE

We understand it may be helpful to see what this e-learning course looks like before making a final decision to enrol. If you would like to see a sample of the format and topics within this course, please fill in the application form using this link and go to ‘Select Course’ and choose ‘Excellence in Supporting Healthcare – SAMPLE COURSE’

Once received, you will be given temporary access to a SAMPLE COURSE of the Excellence in Supporting Healthcare certificate. This will allow you to work through a limited number of the available resources and unit steps to gain a ‘flavour’ of the full programme.

  • Duration: Flexible – estimated 1-2 hours per unit, 26-52 hours in total

  • Location: Online

  • Level 2: Working towards Level 2 English and numeracy recommended

Who should attend?

Primary Care non-clinical staff

Launch poster by Dr Jackie Tavabie

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