Project Description

This web workshop is for those who would benefit from understanding the component parts of medical terminology.

An understanding of medical terminology is essential for anyone working in the medical industry. Delegates will be able to apply the learning to every-day situations back in the practice.

This session gives administration, clerical and clinical support staff an introduction to the understanding of general medical terminology.

It provides an excellent professional development opportunity for staff working in a clinical environment such as HCAs, physiotherapy assistants, assistant practice managers, practice pharmacy assistants, clinical coding etc.  Participants will improve their confidence, their communication skills and service delivery.

All delegates will be provided with course handouts and will be issued with a certificate after the web workshop.

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Location: Online

Who should attend?

Don’t miss opportunity to work with leading specialists in a series of full day workshops specifically focused on the ‘business’ aspects of General Practice.

Workshop Agenda

Below is an outline of the proposed agenda with sample timings. If you have any questions please get in touch.

13.00 Welcome & Introduction
13.05 Origins of medical terminology and common words
13.15 How medical terms are constructed
13.30 Introducing Roots, Suffixes and Prefixes
13.45 Breaking words down then building them up
14.00 Your role in working with Medical Terminology
14.15 Recognising and understanding Common medical terms
14.25 Any questions?
14.30 Close
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