Project Description

This module looks at the fundamental aspects of change management and how to deal with them.  We will focus on what is change and how to develop a collaborative change management approach to ensure buy-in across the GP Practice.

Getting others aligned with your change vision is something that great leaders do. We will look at how to successfully engage others in change, developing the leadership approach through effective involvement, communication and influencing.  Delegates will explore the impact of change, looking at individual responses and what happens if change is not managed well.  Practicing the application of several change models and concepts to real life situations within their own organisations.

The module will be delivered as an interactive session with practical guidance to enable participants to map the techniques onto their own practice. Case studies will be used to provide tips and insights on good practice. How to track and control the change plan; managing the people and the collaborative and organisational aspects of change; communicating and selling the change to others; recognising why people fear change and react the way they do through change models.

Truly understanding the importance of communication in the change process and how to sustain the change momentum. Delegates will learn how to plan, communicate and manage change, understanding the impact it could have on all employees and the team. They will develop skills to support team members through the transition phase to ensure they remain motivated and productive. They will learn the key steps in implementing and sustaining effective change in the workplace and how to identify and manage the human component of the change agenda.

  • Duration: All day

  • Location: On-site/locally

Who should attend?

Don't miss opportunity to work with leading specialists in a series of full day workshops specifically focused on the ‘business’ aspects of General Practice.
  • General Practitioners

  • Practice Managers

  • Senior Practice Nurses

  • GP Administrator Managers

Workshop Aims & Objectives

  • Understand the impact of change and what happens if it isn’t managed well
  • Look at collaboration and how to manage resistance to change by identifying the reasons for this and reinforcing that this is a natural reaction
  • To understand how to apply change theory models to real life situations within your organisation
  • Practice using a range of change models including Kubler Ross, Missing Pieces and Kotter in order to develop your own change strategies
  • Explore the Rules of Engagement to deliver successful change
  • Consider the role of leaders in change and how to create the collaborative environment which will ensure success.


Optional Pre-Reading: The Heart of Change, John P. Kotter

Delegates should come prepared to do further work on their own change scenario during this workshop.

The module will be delivered as an interactive session with practical guidance to enable participants to map the techniques and outcomes onto their own practice. Group work is provided on all aspects of the programme so that participants develop their understanding of the topics by interacting with colleagues from other practices.

Workshop Agenda

Below is an outline of the proposed agenda, if you have any questions please get in touch.


Registration & Coffee


Welcome and Introduction to the workshop

  •  Setting the scene
  • Programme overview
  • Objectives
  • Ice breaker – the man on a hill


Consider the Impact of Change




Introducing Kotter’s 8 step process to managing change




Who do you need to influence and why?

  • Rules of engagement
  • The leader’s role in change




Preparing for success – creating the right environment

Putting it into practice – your next steps to take this forward after today


Open Forum and Discussion


Wrap up & Close

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