Project Description


New roles in the PCNs – how to make the most of the new services

  • Date: Tuesday, September 8th 2020

  • Time: 11 am – 12 noon


In this webinar PMA explored the scope and breath of the new roles in Primary Care – how to make the most of what they offer and how to engage them in the practice.


The session provided Clinical Directors, Practice Managers & PCN Business Managers with a real understanding of the value provided by the new roles – Clinical Pharmacists, Social Prescriber Link Workers, Physiotherapists, PAs, Paramedics, Occupational Therapists, Health & Wellbeing Coaches, Care Co-ordinators and a range of other new roles.

This PMA webinar included a discussion around the challenges – and opportunities – for the PCNs. How this period of accelerated change and transformation has ‘enabled’ and ‘challenged’ the PCNs in the delivery of patient services and explored what the next phase of the PCN evolution might look like.


Emily Henderson, NHSE Deputy Director of Workforce 

Rachel Souter, NHSE Deputy Director of Workforce

Strategic opportunities; new roles in Primary Care – the impact on PCNs, Practices & Patients

  • The strategic vision – the benefits this will deliver for the PCNs, the direction of travel, guidance and insight into where their successes will come from and what this might look like. 

Tracy Dell, Practice Business Manager, Plane Trees Group Practice, Halifax and PCN Manager

New job roles in general practice – delivering the best patient outcomes

Simon Ingram, FCP Clinical Lead & Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

The perspective from an experienced FCP – experience in general practice, managing the transitions and realising the benefits.

Sharon Morgan, Social Prescriber Link Worker, Community Link Project in Gateshead

SPLW meeting the needs of the patient, where we drive real value for the patients and how to support the clinical teams. Key challenges, frustrations and notable successes.


Emily Henderson, NHSE Deputy Director of Workforce

Rachel Souter, NHSE Deputy Director of Workforce

Tracy Dell, Practice Business Manager

Simon Ingram, FCP Clinical Lead and Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner

Sharon Morgan, Social Prescriber Link Worker

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