Seminars via Zoom


LMC Law are able to run a range of seminars via Zoom which include the following popular topics: PCNs – their structure, employment of workforce, setting up a limited company, Limited liability companies, GDPR, Mergers and Takeovers, Partnerships and disputes & HR and Employment Law.

Template letter 1: Clarification of SAR


This letter has been formulated to assist practices in writing to individuals who have made a subject access request but where clarification in terms of the request is required or where the practice seeks to clarify whether the amount of information requested is in fact correct. Although you cannot oblige an individual to reduce or alter the request for information, there is no harm in querying the amount they are asking for especially if you feel that they are being asked to produce this for a 3rd party e.g. an insurance company.

Homeworking Checklist and DSE Risk Assessment


This eBook, will guide you through the statutory right to ask for flexible working, how to handle requests and when you can say no. We will highlight some key pitfalls and give you best practice and expert tips to ensure that you are acting in compliance with the law and in the best interests of your organisation.

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