Project Description

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a key component of a competent, productive workforce and now, more than ever, the core skills of HR professionals are vital in the healthcare sector. Relationship management, workforce engagement and wellbeing, collaboration and support in adopting new ways and models of working are all included in the remit of HRM whether covering HR in a generalist management role or as a functional specialist.

It is the effective and consistent management of the key input of this sector – people, which has a direct impact in ensuring that the workforce is flexible, responsive and motivated in times of great change and uncertainty. This, in turn directly impacts the quality of service and patient care.

The following programme, one of the PMA ‘Excellence in….’ series understands that the Human Resource role varies enormously in scope and responsibility within primary care and the healthcare sector. As such, we have split the programme into Sections and highlighted the difference between Transactional HR – the day-to-day employment processes and interactions which are the nuts and bolts of workforce management and support the more strategic responsibilities sometimes referred to as Transformational or Strategic HR which works towards long term goals and managing change.

We explore effective workforce utilisation and design with the need to understand which roles will be most productive. The programme then goes on to consider the key area of competencies and the importance of effective recruitment, engagement and development of the workforce. Sections four and five highlight some of the challenges facing this sector including the digital and data gathering revolution, new models and structures of leading and working, and the urgent requirement to support the resilience, morale and wellbeing of the healthcare workforce.

Following the introductory first module,  which clarifies what the role entails,  all further modules can stand alone and be studied in any sequence to suit the needs of the individual. Each unit includes a variety of resources and signposting to other sources which may prove helpful, including a number from NHS England.

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  • Duration: Flexible – estimated 15 hours learning time

  • Location: Online

  • Level  3: Level 2 English and numeracy skills recommended. 

Who should attend?

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