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Project Description

This qualification is designed to enable existing and aspiring senior managers, who want to invest in their own personal brand.

They will be looking to make the best use of resources, be innovative and optimise their performance, whilst presenting a case for change, evaluate the impact of change and construct business cases.

What job titles might be suitable?
Roles may include those of Business Manager, Senior Partner, Partner, Practice Manager, Operations Manager/Director, Chief Operating Officer, Financial Officer and other Senior Management roles.

Benefits for the individual

  • The ability to use enquiry-based evidence approach to develop leadership and management skills
  • The enhancement of the learner’s brand
  • Develop, evaluate and implement high-level strategic planning
  • Develop the skills in the work place

Benefits for the employer

  • Leaders and managers who have the ability to think and act strategically based on informed evidence-based decisions
  • The development of staff who can create a high level of performance culture

  • Senior staff who take charge of their self-development
  • Duration: 15-18 Months

  • Location: Workplace

Entry Requirements

 Individual employers will set the selection criteria for their Learners, this may involve previous management experience, having undertaken an apprenticeship or other qualifications. 

Diploma Level

This is a Diploma in Leadership and Management Level 7 and will be based on THREE units (all details below)
Successful completion can lead to a range of progression options such as a full MBA.

Overview of units – ILM Diploma in Leadership & Management Level 7 601/2511/1

The course consists of a Certificate that consists of one mandatory unit that requires the learner to take a data driven, enquiry based approach to their management development. The Diploma builds on the Certificate with two mandatory units. The first requires the learner to present an argument for change, constructing business cases and leading on change implementation, the second on the creation and
maintenance of high performance cultures.

  • Developing Leadership & management capability through enquiry
  • Developing a high-level business case
  • Developing and maintaining a high-performance culture and optimising resources Benefits for individuals.

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