Project Description

Many people are expected to teach other staff and colleagues because of the knowledge and skills they have in a particular area. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the very different set of skills necessary to be a good trainer, it can be very difficult to pass on your own expertise.

This course was developed, initially to support doctors, and more recently nurses, practice managers and other health care professionals in developing their skills and confidence as a teacher or trainer. As healthcare teams broaden their horizons there is a requirement for them to change their behaviours and develop skills which enable them to more effectively support and develop those around them. This workshop will help delegates to develop their skills and leadership behaviours and give them confidence when working with learners and less experienced staff.

The workshop is highly interactive and will be fun! You will learn much about your own communication and teaching style and we hope that participants will enjoy some of the lighthearted moments along with the theory and the practice.

Prior to undertaking this training package, the individual must fulfil the following criteria: 

  • Be a suitably experienced member of the care team with their manager’s permission to undertake this training.
  • Work in an area where there is sufficient need for training and knowledge transfer to enable the individual to maintain competence.
  • Duration: All day

  • Location: On-site/locally

Who should attend?

Don't miss opportunity to work with leading specialists in a series of full day workshops specifically focused on the ‘business’ aspects of General Practice.
  • General Practitioners

  • Practice Managers

  • Senior Practice Nurses

  • GP Administrator Managers

Aims & Objectives

Delegates will develop an understanding of the underpinning theory of how adults learn and how to plan effective teaching interventions.


  • Explore how adults learn, particularly in the workplace
  • Give an introductory overview of adult learning theory
  • Identify communication styles and their own teaching style
  • Give and receive effective and constructive feedback – and how to take on board challenge
  • Deliver memorable micro-teaching sessions
  • Apply their learning and develop their own favoured techniques for the future.

Each candidate will have the opportunity to deliver a short (10 minutes) micro-teaching session around a subject of their choice (preferably not work related).

A handbook will be provided in support of this workshop and further reading and learning is recommended to deepen your own understanding.

Certificates of attendance are given at the close of the day.

Workshop Agenda

Below is an outline of the proposed agenda, if you have any questions please get in touch.

09.15 Registration & Coffee
09.30 Introduction and Welcome – Overview of the Programme & Objectives
09.45 Open Forum – Identifying your challenges
10.00 An introduction to the theory of learning and teaching
11.00 BREAK
11.15 Communication (NLP) and teaching styles
12.30 LUNCH & Networking
13.15 Training (skills)
13.30 Developing teaching plans, giving effective and constructive feedback
 14.00  Micro-teaching sessions
 15.30  BREAK
 15.45  Micro-teaching sessions
 16.30  Open Discussion
16.45 Close
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