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This workshop will help you understand the Supply Chain model, advantages of its use and how you can use it to drive better value for you and your practice.

Primary Care Networks


Primary care networks enable the provision of proactive, accessible, coordinated and more integrated primary and community care improving outcomes for patients. The workshop will be interactive – delegates will be encouraged to share challenges, issues and concerns they may have – our facilitator will also share their experiences.

New Care Models – Working at Scale


Working at Scale has become a key driver across general practice and all other areas of the wider NHS – presenting opportunities for new ways of working and for the development of new services all driven by the goal of improving patient care. ‘At Scale’ provision of care, will increasingly see practices shift towards collaborative working models – formal mergers, partnerships and federations and Multi-Specialty Community Providers (MCPs) – key advantages of this approach are the ability for practices to build on their strengths, improve their reach and also share the workload. But what are the practicalities of working at scale?

Dispensary Management – the governance perspective


This workshop has been designed to be practical and easily digestible for those with responsibility for the Management of Dispensing and Prescribing quality schemes and the specific Governance standards which the schemes stipulate should be in place within the Primary Care sector. It will also cover the specific CQCs standards and how an integrated approach can benefit the practice.

Business Management & Leadership for Practice Managers


This is an intensive one-day workshop for those in practice management leadership roles who wish to better explore and understand the impact they can make on those around them to develop a better practice. All participants will discover things about themselves and gain a fundamental insight into how they can have a greater impact. They will explore some of the critical issues that are associated with influencing a community of people to move towards higher objectives.

Serious Incidents & Root Cause Analysis


Root Cause Analysis or RCA is widely endorsed by healthcare systems worldwide for the investigation of serious incidents. RCA is understood as a method of structured risk identification and management in the aftermath of adverse events. The RCA is not a single technique but, describes a range of approaches and tools drawn from many fields – and these will be fully explored throughout the workshop. These will enable you to establish how and why an incident occurred to identify how it, and similar problems, might be prevented from happening again.

Information Governance


With the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), that came into force in May 2018, more attention is focused on ensuring healthcare staff use and share information in a legal and secure way. You will need to understand what is considered personal data and the responsibility the use and sharing of it brings. Learning how good, safe management of information can assist in the provision of good quality care and be a cornerstone of good governance, it will help in understanding the need to incorporate data protection into day to day practice and planning.

GDPR Post-implementation


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came in to force in the UK on May 25th, 2018. The scope of the changes under the new Regulation means that preparing for the GDPR will have been a high priority for the past 6 months. The workshop will explore the detail of the new GDPR regulation – it will look at what has been done within the practices, how they have done it, who is responsible – and will also assess what else they need to do or indeed what they can do differently. The second part of the programme will focus on the role of the DPO – the role and the responsibilities and how they manage GDPR compliance for the practice.