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NHS Pensions Update


NHS Pensions are explained in a user-friendly, interactive way. This web workshop will provide practical guidance to enable participants to map outcomes onto their own practice – across their GPs, GP Partners, Locums and other clinical and non-clinical staff. 

Managing Practice Finances


This is the foundation workshop to the PMA programme – a series focused on the business management of general practice - where practice finances and accounting systems are explained in a user-friendly, interactive way.

Customer Management & Difficult Conversations


This virtual workshop been developed to support front line staff and other health care professionals in General Practice to develop their skills and confidence to provide excellence in customer service and to better manage disputes and to help manage challenging conflict situations experienced in practice.

Staff Employment Issues – HR & Employment Law


This programme focuses on issues that regularly arise in medical practice, they are often difficult to deal with concerning the critical human resource. We will cover employment law with practical guidance to enable participants to manage more effectively their human resource and deal with staffing challenges.

High Performing Virtual Teams


Many team members have difficulty because they cannot see what other members are doing. Even the most skilled managers find difficulty in communicating and building a team when there is no physical proximity. Mastering the art of working in virtual teams will increase your team’s productivity and performance.

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